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The firm, formerly known as Kwak & Co., was founded by Kyung Jik Kwak on February 28, 2009. With the start of the year of 2023, the firm launched the process of re-establishing itself with the infusion of the fresh blood. Mr. Wanjoo Choe, former chief judge of Administrative Court and Seoul High Court, and Mr. Haehyun Cho, former chief judge of Daegu District Court and Daejeon High Court, have joined the firm. Two energetic and experienced lawyers Mr. Jongmin Jeon and Mr. Changhwan Lee of a law firm Co-Existence have also joined along with its other members. The revamping process was completed in the form of a limited liability company on April 18, 2023.

The firm’s value is to serve our client, and through which, we believe, to contribute to the society. When someone comes to us for our help to solve his problem, his becomes ours. We offer our utmost loyalty and hard work. We ask for the same commitment and cooperation from our client. It is because communication and cooperation based on mutual trust and common goal is essential to solve the problem successfully.